Betsy Ross

GLA producers use an animal centered, sustainable, pasture based system using high animal welfare standards that encompass all aspects of production.  Eligible animals are born and raised their entire life on open grass pastures without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products or ionophores and are never confined to a feedlot, EVER.  Animals are traceable from birth to harvest and must meet the American Grassfed Association’s Grassfed Standards as well as Global Animal Partnership animal welfare standards.  Members are required to adhere to a holistic approach to their farm/ranch management designed to sustainably enhance environmental quality of the land, water and air.  Animals are raised using humane animal husbandry practices that support animal welfare, handling, transport and harvest to ensure a consistent, tender and healthy product.

Producers retain ownership of livestock through harvest, when their whole carcass is purchased on the rail.  Producers are not responsible for processing charges.

Some of our GLA producers